When placing members in a unit, you will see a Unit Skill at the top of the menu. This skill is determined by the highest level of Unit Skill.

For example, in the picture below, the 2 members of ANGERME have a higher total Unit Skill than the other units, thus their skill, ビューティフルスマイル is the overall unit skill.
Member menu

It is best to have members of the same unit in the front row, as the Unit Skill coefficient is much higher when the overall unit skill is the same as the idols unit skill. (See Live Scores).

It doesn't matter too much what members of what unit you have in the back row, other than calculating the overall unit skill. If you have more Morning Musume members in the front row, but overall more Berryz Kobo members, it will probably earn you the Berryz Unit Skill, which would lower your overall point score with the Musume members in the front row. Keep this in mind.

Important things to note

  1. The more members of a group, the better: If you have 4 Morning Musume idols and 3 Berryz Kobo idols, you will get Morning Musume's Unit Skill.
  2. Group Seniority: Morning Musume > Berryz Kobo > C-ute > S/mileage > Juice=Juice > Country Girls > Kobushi Factory > Tsubaki Factory. So, if you have 4 Berryz Kobo idols and 4 Morning Musume idols, you'll still get Morning Musume's Unit Skill.
  3. The higher lvl, the better: If you have "がんばっていきまっ・・・" at lvl 15 and "がんばっていきまっしょい!!" at lvl 1 in your unit, your overall unit skill would be "がんばっていきまっ・・・".
  4. The front row is stronger: If you have a Morning Musume (N) in the front row and a Morning Musume (R) in the back row, you'll get the normal unit skill, "がんばっていきまっ・・・".
  5. The center is stronger: If you put a Morning Musume (R) in the center, and a Morning Musume (N) in anywhere else, you'll get "がんばっていきまっしょい!!", but if you change the Morning Musume (R) to the most left or right, and the Morning Musume (N) in center-left or center-right or center, you'll get "がんばっていきまっ・・・".
  6. Try to collect Uniform Skills. If your Uniform Skill matches a Unit Skill (for example, Ai no Gundan on がんばっていきまっしょい!!), your coefficient is doubled. If the Uniform Skill also matches the song (for example, using Ai no Gundan cards on the song Ai no Gundan), your score is multiplied by 1.5.

Unit Skill List

Group Normal Skill Rare Skill
Morning Musume がんばっていきまっ・・・
(Waiting to work hard)
(Give it your all!)
Berryz Kobo ホープクリエイト (Hope create) ハピネスクリエイト (Happiness create)
℃-ute パッション (Passion) みなぎるパッション (Overflowing passion)
ANGERME (S/mileage) ビューティフルスマイル (Beautiful Smile) エンジェルスマイル (Angel Smile)
Juice=Juice フレッシュ (Fresh) フレッシュ100% (Fresh 100%)
Country Girls TBD ナチュラルサウンド (Natural Sound)
Kobushi Factory TBD クラッシイスタイル (Crushing/Classic Style)
Tsubaki Factory TBD 玉椿乱舞 (Tama-Tsubaki Ranbu)

Unit Skill Effect

The level of your overall skill is factored into the score calculation based on the unit skill factor (see table below). It is very important as it can help you earn very high scores.

Unit Skill Factor

Level Normal Each higher Rarity Wit additional Uniform Skill
1 1.3 1.6 2.4
2 1.35 1.8 3.2
3 1.4 2 4.0
4 1.45 2.2 4.8
5 1.5 2.4 5.6
6 1.55 2.6 6.4
7 1.6 2.8 7.2
8 1.65 3 8.0
9 1.7 3.2 8.8
10 1.8 3.5 10.0