Tsubaki Factory is a Hello! Project group made up entirely of Hello Pro Kenshuusei members. The group was formed in mid-2016. In late 2016 3 new members were added to the group. Their major debut followed in February 2017 with the single Hatsukoi Sunrise / Just Try! / Uruwashi no Camellia.

Members Edit

The following members are included in the deck:

Duet Cards Edit

SSR Kai Kishimoto / Asakura
KishimotoAsakuraSSR01 Style Fashion
Cost 13
Initial Max Rise Value
Level 1/60 75 -
Charm 520 1744 16
Stage Appeal Heat Up (Big)
Unit Skill 玉椿乱舞

Songs Edit

  • Seishun Manmannaka!
  • Hatsukoi Sunrise

Costumes Edit

  • Hatsukoi Sunrise
  • Just Try!
  • Uruwashi no Camelia