Make a wish at the Hinabata Festival! During this event, you gain points through playing Lives. These points, called Orihime Points, can be used in the special 'When You Wish Upon A Star Orihime Gacha' (orig. 「星に願いを織姫ガチャ」). This event works like the A little early? Hello! Pro Pool Open Event.

When You Wish Upon A Star Orihime Gacha

Orihime gacha

This special Gacha contains the big prizes of this event: Juice=Juice's SSR Kanazawa Tomoko
Kanazawa TomokoSSR01
and Morning Musume's SR Ikuta Erina
Ikuta ErinaSR02
. Other cards in this Gacha are Star Stone Gacha exclusive Rs as well as special cards like ANGERME's SSR Takeuchi Akari
Akari TakeuchiSSR01
, Morning Musume's SSR Sato Masaki
Masaki SatoSSR01
or Berryz's SR Tokunaga Chinami
Tokunaga ChinamiSR01

One draw costs 300 Orihime Points.

Event Gacha

Tanabata gacha

The Event Gacha introduces five Tanabata Festival themed event cards: Morning Musume's SSR Ogata Haruna
Ogata HarunaSSR01
, SSR Sayashi Riho
Sayashi RihoSSR01
and SR Kudo Haruka
Kudo HarukaSR03
, Juice=Juice's SR Takagi Sayuki
Takagi SayukiSR01
and ANGERME's SR Sasaki Rikako
Sasaki RikakoSR02

Milky Way Costume

Tanabata costume

The costume for this event is the Milky Way Costume, designed after Morning Musume's costume for the single Toki wo Koe Sora wo Koe. The costume has the Stage Appeal High Tension (Medium). There are four parts to it: Top, skirt, shoes and a hair decoration.

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