The Sweets Paradise is another Point Gacha Event. The big prizes in the Gacha are an SSR Fukuda Kanon and an SSR Suzuki Kanon.

Sweets Points

For the Gacha you need so called Sweets Points, points in the form of little cakes. Unlike previous Point Gacha events there is no DX gacha this time.

Sweets Points Gacha

Sweets Points Gacha

The Sweets Points Gacha runs on Sweets Points. One pull costs 1000 points. The two big prizes are an SSR Fukuda Kanon
Fukuda KanonSSR02
and an SSR Suzuki Kanon
Suzuki KanonSSR04

Aki no Shūkaku Gacha

Aki no Shukaku Gacha

The event Gacha features "only" 6 new SSR cards - less than in the previous events. However, the new cards are sweets themed, just like the Sweets Points Gacha cards. This puts a temporary end to the single outfit themed cards.

The Gacha cards are:

  • SSR Suzuki Airi
  • SSR Ishida Ayumi
  • SSR Kanazawa Tomoko
  • SSR Ozeki Mai
  • SSR Hamaura Ayano
  • SSR Kishimoto Yumeno

Bonus Cards

Once again there are cards that can help you get more Sweets Points after Lives. These are all new cards in the current event's Gacha, the two prizes from the last event (SSR Kudo Haruka and SR Ozeki Mai) as well as following old cards:

Sweet Chilis Costume

The event costume is a pink dress with blue and yellow details and sweets added as decoration. There are four parts to it: The dress (onepiece), boots, hair ribbon and a bracelet. The costume's Stage Appeal is Fashion Ace, a new mode.


On the first day of the event Juice=Juice's Ijiwaru Shinaide Dakishimete yo has been added.

The event's costume's Stage Appeal, Fashion Ace, has been added to the game.

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