Leveling up through experience points earned in Lives raises your teams level and therefore the overall Charm and Fans, but to raise their abilities like Stage Appeal or Unit Skill it's necessary to use Strengthening Lessons. They are also used to Limit Break your cards.

The process Edit

To get to the option Strengthening Lessons, tap the upper left button (the member menu). On this screen tap the red button on the lower right.

Member menu

This will bring you to the following screen:


The big picture on the left will be the card that we train. You can change the card by tapping the picture. The ten spots under the point "Lesson partner" can be filled by the cards you want to use to train your other card with. To choose them from your card list, tipp on the free spots.

As you can see in the picture above, the SR Masaki card is completely limit broken (as its Limit Break bar is filled out). To break a limit, you have to use the same card (in this case this SR Sato Masaki card) as the lesson partner. If you've done that, the limit has been broken once. It's possible to break it 5 times. A completely limit broken card can reach higher levels than a limited card.

The little window in the lower middle shows you how much the lesson will cost and how many experience points you can gain.


If you've chosen the cards you want to use, tap the bottem right red button. Another window will appear, saying that the cards under "Lesson partner" will be gone after the lesson.


If you're lucky, your Stage Appeal and your Unit Skill stats will rise, as it did here (2 points each). Here you can also see what it looks like if your card isn't limit broken - there's no turquise spot filled in and the highest level the card can reach is 60.

General facts Edit

  • The cost is the same for one as well as for 10 lesson partners. It's cheaper to use 10 partners at once than one at a time.
  • The cost depends on your cards level (and limit). The higher the level is the more does a lesson cost.
  • If your lesson is a "great success" (orange Kanji during the lesson process instead of the pink ones) your card gets double the experience points.
  • For a completely unlimited card you need 6 of them: One to use in the lessons and 5 as lesson partners.
  • It seems like N cards don't affect SSR cards' Stage Appeal or Unit Skill.