Also known as: 春の強化合宿 (Haru no kyōka gasshuku)

Spring Training Camp Banner SpringTraining
Start (JST) 17:00 April 14 2015
End (JST) 13:59 April 14 2015
End (PST) 10:59pm April 28 2015
Makino MariaSSR01 icon Makino Maria
Event Gacha, SSR
Sasaki RikakoSR01 icon Sasaki Rikako
Event Gacha, SR
Satou MasakiSR03 icon Sato Masaki
Secret Drop, SR
2nd half of event

During this event, all songs are half cost. In addition, during Strengthening Lessons the chances of a Great Success and skill level up are greatly increased.

For the live rewards, during this event cards with a Stage Appeal will drop more often than cards without.


Morning Musume SSR Makino Maria and ANGERME SR Sasaki Rikako are the Gacha event rewards for this event. Playing the Rookie Gacha gets you more cards of new members (Angerme 3rd gen, Country Girls, Morning Musume 12th gen) than other members.

There is also a continuous login bonus from Monday April 13, 2015 - Wednesday, April 15, 2015 of Star Stones! Login to get up to 6 Star Stones!

April 21st Event Update

Due to a bug during the second half of last event, the SR Sato Masaki and the Clover Clothing did not drop. For the second half of this event these will have a chance to drop if you rank high at the end of a live.

Sakurasaku clothes

There is also a continuous login bonus from April 22 - April 24, 2015 of Star Stones.

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