Sakura Saku dai Kangen-sai Banner sakurasaku
Start (JST) 17:00 March 31 2015
End (JST) 13:59 April 14 2015
End (PST) 10:59pm April 14 2015
[[File:Satou MasakiSR03

_icon.png|50px|link=Sato Masaki#26]]

Sato Masaki
Secret Live Drop, SR
[[File:Ishida AyumiSSR01

_icon.png|50px|link=Ishida Ayumi#21]]

Ishida Ayumi
Event Gacha, SSR
[[File:Nonaka MikiSR01

_icon.png|50px|link=Nonaka Miki#39]]

Nonaka Miki
Event Gacha, SR

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