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Basics RewardsEdit

Permanent drops Edit

Live Rewards always include Haro and Friendpoints.

Card drops Edit

Morning Musume songs will drop Morning Musume cards, Berryz songs will drop Berryz cards, and so forth. Ranking simply determines whether there is a chance for a rare card drop. While there were events which had SR or even SSR cards secret drops, usually Live Rewards only include N and R cards.

Star Stone Fragments Edit

These are rare drops. Also, only two fragments drop at a time, so collecting fragments through Lives is hard. Make sure to do the Daily Quests for more fragments!

Event specific Rewards Edit

Costume drops Edit

Depending on the event you sometimes get costume parts as rewards. While there have been group specific drops in the beginning at the moment the chance to get a costume part is the same for all songs.

Event Points Edit

If the event includes Event Points these will drop as Live Rewards. The amount of points depends on the event's mechanics: Sometimes you'll need a very high score, other times you should aim for a high rank (like SS) and use many bonus cards to get a bunch of points.

Card drops Edit

Some event have secret drops, these are mostly SR cards.