Hello!Pro Tap Live is region locked. This means that it is only available in Japan. To play on a non-Japan device you must jump through a few hoops.

Android based phones have it a bit easier, since the system allows to install files outside from the PlayStore.

  1. Find the latest .apk file online and put it on your phone. The .apk files can be found in fan forums, such as Hello! Online.
  2. Download qooapp here, install it on your phone. Using that app, search for Hello Pro Live. Install it. 

You can also install the app while using a proxy (like TunnelBear). Choose Japan as your proxy location, get your .apk file and install it.

Phones and devices with iOS as operating system (iPhone, iPad, etc.), you will need a Japanese account for the AppStore. This asks for a Japanese adress. There have been cases where user took the adress of a hotel etc. and it worked. Once you've created your Japanese account you can download and install the App from the AppStore.