Also known as Chotto Hayai? Hello! Pro Pool Hiraki Event.

A little early? Hello! Pro Pool Open Event Banner poolopen
Start (JST) 17:00 25. May 2015
End (JST) 13:59 9. June 2015
End (PST) 10:59pm 9. June 2015
Kudou HarukaSSR02 icon Kudo Haruka
Exciting Water Shooting Gacha
Ishida AyumiSR02 icon Ishida Ayumi
Exciting Water Shooting Gacha
Nakajima SakiSSR01 icon Nakajima Saki
Event Gacha
Suzuki AiriSSR02 icon Suzuki Airi
Event Gacha
Miyamoto KarinSSR01 icon Miyamoto Karin
Event Gacha
Sayashi RihoSR03 icon Sayashi Riho
Event Gacha

Like in the HinaFest and Golden Week events, during the Pool Open Event you collect special points, in this case WGP (Water Gun Points). Differently from the other events, however, you don't get prizes for a certain amount of points but use the points to play the Exciting Water Shooting Gacha (jp. わくわくウォーターシューティングガチャ, Waku Waku Water Shooting Gacha).

Exciting Water Shooting Gacha

The big prizes in this Gacha (and therefore for this event) are an SSR Kudo Haruka
Kudou HarukaSSR02
and an SR Ishida Ayumi
Ishida AyumiSR02
. The Gacha does contain other cards, though, such as Friend Point Gacha Prizes (N Cards) as well as Star Stone Gacha prizes (special R-cards). Because of its Dot Bikini outfit, the SR Katsuta Rina
Katsuta RinaSR01
card can also be found in this gacha.

One Gacha roll costs 300 WGP.

Mermaid Gacha

Poolopen gacha

Aside from the Exciting Water Shooting Gacha, an Event Gacha called Mermaid Gacha is also set up. The big prizes for this event are so-called "swimwear cards". The cards are an SSR Nakajima Saki
Nakajima SakiSSR01
, an SSR Suzuki Airi
Suzuki AiriSSR02
, an SSR Miyamoto Karin
Miyamoto KarinSSR01
and an SR Sayashi Riho
Sayashi RihoSR03

Early Summer Bikini

Poolopen costume

The costume reward of this event is a bikini themed outfit with the Stage Appeal High Tension (Medium). There are three parts to it: The bikini, consisting of both a top shirt and a bottom; Sandals and a cap.

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